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Welcome to my femininity blog!

This is a place for a bite-sized wisdom. I am inviting you in to learn, to get inspired and to get to know me better. You will receive valuable tips and will have a sneak peak at my inner world. I am grateful for your curiosity!

Don't know where to start from?

I've mentioned that I am an organization nerd, right? :) To help you find your way, I've structured my femininity blog in categories:

  • Femininity: For the strong, smart, and ambitious women with too many responsibilities, who want to feel more feminine
  • For the fulfillment seekers: Here you will find life fulfillment simplified. Tips and easy-to-apply techniques to boost your fulfillment and your aliveness
  • For the working women: You can find here my view on productivity, time management, business relationships, my CEO experiences and my tips on how to stay centered even in the busiest moments
  • Relationships: Being practical here about how to change your status from “dating” to “in a relationship” and my top tips on how to build a relationship of depth and true connection
  • Personal: From my birth story to my love life, my journey as a mom, daughter, sister and a friend. In this category you will see my “behind the scenes”

Have fun and don't be shy. I would love to read your comments!

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