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Only ONE secret to all your relationships

25 February 20241 mins to read

I recently had an intriguing thought while I was out with my kids. The one great secret they do not tell you about long-term relationships is that you spend a great deal of time with yourself, and how good that time is (e.g. how your inner dialogues make you feel) defines how you feel in all your relationships!

Let me explain.

Maintaining individuality, making room for your spirituality and pursuing personal passions are key to sustaining attraction and vibrancy in your romantic relationship.

Moreover, the foundation of ALL your relationships lies in:

  1. Who you are as a person and how you relate to yourself, and
  2. Who you want to be and how you want to show up in your relationships with others.

Perhaps you can recognize some of these:

  • When I am relaxed, I have more patience with my kids.
  • When I am connected to my heart, I bring more wisdom and intuition to my conversations.
  • When I am stressed, I don’t feel like making love.
  • When I am joyful, I am inspired to cook for my family.
  • When I feel confident, I smile more and connect more easily with people.
  • When I am tired, I become irritable and less receptive to my partner's sense of humor_

It is really all about how you are feeling in your skin and what your intention is. When you keep your attention on who you want to be, all your interactions become a personal growth practice where you are working on bringing out your best possible version.

And when you grow, this inspires your partner and your friends to grow as well. You discover new aspects of each other, and your connections become more meaningful and fulfilling.

Some points to ponder (you can reflect on your romantic relationship or on a friendship):

  1. How am I growing personally?
  2. How am I supporting my partner’s/friend’s growth?
  3. Is our relationship evolving?

In conclusion, understanding the profound impact of self-awareness, spirituality and personal growth on your relationships is the key to building lasting connection and fulfillment. By recognizing the importance of nurturing your individuality and passions, as well as your own connection to the Divine, you pave the way for vibrant and thriving relationships. This journey of self-discovery has a tremendous transformative power not only for yourself, but also for your partner and friends.

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