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Transforming Your Home's Energy

29 May 20243 mins to read

In the first module of my signature program Relationship Reboot, we focus on regaining control over your day by addressing three key elements: 1) energy (your own, the energy of the day, and the energy of your space), 2) home organization, and 3) time management. This foundation is crucial. Even if I provide you with the most effective practices and rituals, they won't make a difference if you lack the time and energy to implement them. Therefore, from Module 1 in Relationship Reboot, we aim to create more space in your day for YOU.

This article offers useful tips on how to clean and organize your space effectively.

Feng Shui

When choosing a new home, consider several Feng Shui principles: the direction of the front door, bedroom placement, ensuring the kitchen is not in the masculine sector, proper positioning of toilets and bathrooms, avoiding stairs in the center of the home, etc. Ideally, consult a Feng Shui specialist to calculate the best home positions for health and prosperity.

For your current home, here are simple Feng Shui tips you can apply right away:

  • Maintain order by making a habit of putting things in their place. With two young kids, I know collecting toys multiple times a day is one of the most time-consuming chores.
  • Avoid storing luggage under beds or on top of closets.
  • Ensure the entrance of your home is clean and free of clutter.
  • Keep closets closed as much as possible.
  • Maintain order even behind doors.
  • Don't block the doors. They need to open freely.
  • Clean the windows. The light coming in is energy and you don't want to obstruct its path with dirty and dusty windows.
  • Declutter regularly.
  • Use flowers and plants to refresh your space. While fresh flowers are lovely, they are not sustainable. Opt for plants instead. Cactuses, for instance, disintegrate negative energy. Avoid fake flowers!
  • Open windows daily to let in fresh air.


Moms often filter out their kids' closets but tend to accumulate items in their own. Decluttering takes time and energy, and it can be challenging to decide what to keep and what to discard.

Two factors make a huge difference:

The Energy of the Day:

Approximately every 12 days, there is a day ideal for letting go of objects (or people) that no longer serve you. Here are the best dates for decluttering in the coming months: May 30; June 12; June 24; July 6; July 7; July 19; July 31; August 13; August 25; September 6; September 19; October 1 2024.

Your Own Energy:

When you feel secure and happy, it's easier to let go of things. If you're not feeling your best but still need to declutter, set guidelines for what to keep and discard. For example, "Anything I haven't worn or used in the past year will be given away." However, find a balance and avoid being too strict. Some items, like special outfits, might be worth keeping for future use.

Daily Household Chores

In the Western world, where women are "emancipated" and men contribute to childcare and household tasks, many women still feel primarily responsible for the laundry, keeping the home clean, and preparing meals. Despite being a full-time working mother, the burden of household chores likely falls mainly on your shoulders. Combined with the stress and exhaustion that have probably built up in your body, it's understandable that you might not enjoy cleaning and may feel disconnected from your femininity while doing it

Here are tips for making household chores easier while maintaining your femininity:

  • Organize Your Time: Decide whether it's better for you to do a little bit each day or spend a few hours on the weekend.
  • Choose Enjoyable Listening: Play your favorite music or listen to podcasts or audiobooks to make chores more enjoyable.
  • Practice Mindfulness: Fully immerse yourself in the present moment while doing chores.
  • Nurture Yourself: Take short breaks to sip herbal tea or enjoy a moment of quiet reflection.
  • Delegate and Collaborate: Involve your family members in chores to create a harmonious environment where everyone contributes.
  • Celebrate Progress, Not Perfection: Embrace imperfection and celebrate small victories.
  • Prioritize Quality Time: Spend meaningful moments with your family in between chores.
  • Infuse Love and Gratitude: Approach each chore with love and gratitude.

Personally, I dislike home chores. Hiring a housekeeper over 10 years ago was one of the best decisions I made. It allows me to free up time to do things I love. While it costs money, I find my time more valuable, and paying someone else to do chores is worth it.

I am sensitive to energy. To be honest, I cannot even function if it is messy around me. The chaos just suffocates me. I feel the energy become so stagnant that the urge to go out for some fresh air or to clean up right away prevails over all other needs and desires :)

I hope you found this reading insightful and practical!

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