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5 reasons for a sexless marriage

6 April 20242 mins to read

When you say 'I DO,' you don’t imagine weeks, or even months, without being touched or feeling desired. You're not signing up for conversations solely centered around the kids or tasks to be done.

Even when your kids are already sleeping through the night, you still find 'excuses' for the lack of intimacy and passion in your relationship, repeating (without truly believing it yourself) that this is just a phase.

I've been working with femininity for over 8 years now, but it wasn't until the past year that I realized I have ease and harmony in my relationship that most parents of young children don’t experience. It's been almost 4 years since Rogier and I had a lazy Sunday, staying in bed all day. But even today, with a preschooler and an infant, we're playful with each other, we laugh, cuddle, and maintain a strong connection with heart-opening intimacy.

Over the past year, my focus has been on reverse-engineering a recipe for a passionate marriage after having kids. I've poured my heart, knowledge, and experience into Relationship Reboot, and the transformations of the women going through the program speak louder than anything I can say about it and are proof that the framework I’ve created really works. The doors of the program open only two times a year and if you are interested, I am inviting you to join the waitlist, so that you are on top of the line when this happens.

In this blog post, I want to provide insights into some of the most common mistakes women in sexless marriages make and, if you recognize yourself, help you move towards healthier and more fulfilling relationship dynamics.

From Repeating Patterns to Crafting Your Own Love Story

Many women subconsciously mimic the relationship dynamics they’ve observed between their parents. However, the first step towards transformation is recognizing that you have the power to create your own narrative. It's about deciding consciously how you want your relationship to be.

From Mom-First to Well-Balanced Love

Being a devoted mom is admirable, but when it comes at the cost of your partnership, it's time to reassess. The secret? Make sure that while the children's needs are met, you can prioritize the flame of love and attention for yourself and your partner.

From Masculine Overdrive to Feminine Elegance

In a world that often rewards 'masculine' traits like competitiveness and logic, you lose focus on 'feminine' energies. Embracing your femininity—your intuition, emotion, and sensuality—to attract polarity and sexual attraction. It's about reconnecting with your body and heart and inviting your partner into this renewed and sweet energy space.

From Self-Consciousness to Self-Love

Aging and body changes are natural. The transformation lies in self-acceptance and love, cherishing the beauty of your evolving body. This confidence is magnetic, drawing your partner closer rather than pushing him away with your insecurities. Do not hide behind your curves. Instead, love them!

From Emotional Guard to Open Heart

The wall you build to hide your emotions also blocks your sexual energy and intimacy. By tearing down these walls, you create a safe space for emotional and physical closeness. Authenticity in expressing your feelings creates a deeper connection and a more fulfilling intimate life.

Rediscover intimacy and passion in your marriage starts with recognizing and addressing your own mistakes and misconceptions. This is not another thing to feel guilty about, but an invitation to look at your relationship with curiosity, and compassion. Only when there is understanding, you can move away from dysfunctional models and create a better relationship.

I hope this serves you!

In the program "Relationship Reboot" we work in depth on your relationship to yourself, guiding you to reconnect to your self-worth, your femininity, your sensuality and your confidence. By becoming irresistible to yourself, you experience deeper connection and more fulfilling intimacy in your relationship after kids.

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