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I deserve and I can receive!

11 January 20222 mins to read

The feminine in us cannot be fully unfolded till we don’t learn to receive. But why so many of us find it challenging?

Receiving can be more difficult than giving because it requires us to be vulnerable. We need to have the courage to ask for what we want and what we need, but more importantly, we need to believe that we deserve to receive!

With growing up, we’ve interpreted the world and what our place in it is, based on the responses of our primary caregivers. Some of us have learned that we are loved when we are good girls, others – when we win in a game or a competition, others – when we are silent and unnoticeable and so on.

But you know what? All this is just a child’s interpretation, and it was our way to feel safe and to receive love. It was an adaptive and coping mechanism for us. It was valuable and required for us in the environment we were growing up in.

However, even though we are not in that environment today and we are not children anymore, we still allow the models from our childhood to define our relationships, our behavior, and our feeling of worthiness.

It is time to let go of this child’s understanding of the world, of what a relationship is and of our fear that our are not enough, so that we can enter a world of abundance and reclaim our voice.

It is far from being rude, arrogant or ignorant. It is about believing that there is a reason for each of us to be here and who we truly are, is worthy of love, respect and true connection.

Shall we do some coaching work?

I am inviting you to go back to your childhood. Who was taking care of you? What was the behavior that would provoke a smile on his or her face? What did you learn from this? Who do you have to be to be loved?

Try to stay away from judging. Healing happens when we bring awareness to these patterns, but also when we approach them with openness, understanding and compassion.

The truth is that our parents didn’t give us everything we needed, but they gave us everything they could. They gave us care, love and attention according to the best they could at that moment. They have completed their role with bringing us to life and helping us survive.

Without doing anything particular, without working for it, you had food, clothes and roof above your head. All you needed, in order to survive has been provided to you without you even asking for it.

Your needs have been taken care of, because you are worth of being here, because there is place for you on Earth, because you are a gift to the world. Then, now and till the moment you leave your body.

If this resonates with you, and you want to work on moving away from these old patterns, you can create a mantra for yourself. Put together few sentences to repeat daily till they impregnate in your subconsciousness and replace the dysfunctional beliefs which currently might be governing your life.

Here is an idea for a mantra: “I have the courage to ask for what I need and for what I desire. I am gladly receiving compliments, gifts, services and affection! I deserve to be loved! I deserve to receive! I deserve to be here! I am unique and precious. I am a gift to the world!”

Want to work on your ability to receive?

I have a beautiful and a very powerful product Unlock the secrets of your feminine bliss that contains visualizations, e-books and PDF guides.

If you want to go deeper, trust easier, learn to surrender and become comfortable receiving, check it out!

I am ready to level up my femininity

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