Ready for the next level version of you?

Welcome to the femininity school where you can enjoy a latte macchiato in your comfy yoga pants, hang with me and learn step-by-step how to become the woman you are born to be.

What can you expect?

When I am creating a femininity training, I start always with the end goal in mind, the results I wish for you, and I reverse-engineer what content needs to be included in order to reach the goal. I obsess on the selection of the most effective and at the same time suitable for an online program techniques, tools and practices. I carefully consider how much of my personal examples and stories to share, so that I provide more clarity and inspiration, but at the same time, leaving enough space and imagination for you to create your own image (rather than imposing my own perspective).

I consider myself successful, when you, following my training, you find yourself in a good balance between being inspired and knowing what to do, between understanding & accepting who you are and taking the step to grow to a freer & more authentic version of yourself, between feeling challenged and being supported & encouraged.

When it comes to my energy and knowledge, I am giving you all I have , not keeping anything back. Your job is to do the practices and to follow the provided blueprint.

So design your class schedule and let's get going!

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Unlock the secrets of your feminine bliss

A package of visualizations


Powerful and transformative audio visualizations designed to help you bloom your femininity and connect you to the depth and mystery of who you are born to be.


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Totally Fulfilled

Every queen deserves a king


A 6-week transformation journey for strong women who want to explore their femininity and attract a man worth their time, energy and heart. This course will get you deep into who you are as a woman and will help you reconnect with your body, with your heart and with your feminine energy.


What they say about the femininity trainings?


The visualization “I embrace my feminine power” helped me accept my “darker” side...

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"...I feel I have a new sense of self-awareness and self-love that I did not have before..."



"...This course has been a complete blessing to me and to my life. It has given me so much confidence and has empowered me as a woman..."


United Kingdom

"In a single word - this course is powerful. It takes you on a deep and exciting journey into yourself and your femininity..."



"...A few days after the beginning of the course, I noticed a subtle change – I suddenly felt seen when I was walking on the street and more and more people I didn’t know, man and women, would smile and greet me or start a conversation with me..."


New Zealand

"...At the beginning I thought that a lot of the exercises were really easy but while doing them and going deeper into myself I found out where my insecurities were and how to overcome them..."



"...What I’ve learned from this course is: how to love and flirt with life; how to take care of myself in a gentle, easy and quick way; how to recognize and communicate with the man of my life; how to get access to an infinite source of energy..."



"...At the end of these exercises, I felt so humble, so calm and so released. I couldn’t believe that such exercises can have such an effect on you..."



"...The course felt like a gently guided path on which you walk and learn about yourself. Now I know a new magical language that I am speaking to myself and to the whole world..."


The Netherlands


...A new sense of being comfortable in my skin appeared. I became more confident about my appearance and now I receive more compliments about how I look.




Life-changing product! It touches at so many aspects of my femininity – how I see my body, my ability to receive and to trust, my sensuality and the acceptance of my feminine nature...


The Netherlands


...The visualization “I embody beauty, bliss and pleasure” showed me how to access a source of sensuality and freedom within myself, I’ve never knew it existed. I feel beautiful and sexy and my husband is delighted by the change in me.




These visualizations feel like a remedy to a wound. I feel recharged and empowered every time I am listening to them.




...I struggled with accepting my body, my feminine nature, and honoring my desires. This program helped me face those aspects of myself through the calm, reassuring but potent messages that guided me through any harmful limiting beliefs I held and gently pushed me to do the inner work...


Trinidad and Tobago


Doing the visualizations, I’ve realized that there is a disbalance in my relationships and that I’ve always been the one giving, even beyond what I was comfortable with...



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In the month following, though, I can really see and feel the impact this class has had on me. I have starting exercising again, as a form of active rest. Overall, I realize I'm more in charge of my time than I previously thought and spending it on higher quality activities...




To take “The art of having time for everything course” by Mariya Spasova was an excellent idea for me even though I took so many courses with the related topic. Her approach is different because it is oriented on a woman.



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The most greatest thing that I take away from this is the way we see time. I never ever considered that I am the time which totally changed my perspective, how I feel (less stressed) and that it's ok to set boundaries. It made me feel more powerful and in control!