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Appreciated is the woman who knows her own value

7 January 20221 mins to read

“Appreciated is the woman who knows her own value”. Sounds good, right? But how do you get to know your own value?

I have one answer: get to know yourself better.

Many of us tend to shy away from everything painful or uncomfortable. We keep ourselves busy not to feel, not to get out of our comfort zone, not to face a fear, not to look at the pain.

All these are super scary at the beginning, but if we summit our tenacity and we take a leap of faith, if we look with curious eyes trying to understand, our action is greatly rewarded.

Once we’ve overcame one fear, we can face another one. Once we’ve understood a pain and we felt its grip releasing us, we find the courage to forgive, to love, to try again.

Every next uncomfortable feeling we look at, reveals a new layer of us. It brings us to a more authentic and rawer place inside of us. We recognize ourselves more beautiful and more resilient. We start to accept and appreciate ourselves (even the “darker” side). We cultivate more love and respect for our complex nature. We don’t succumb to the impulse to apologize for who we are. We find an authentic way to use our voice, to express our needs and to stand firm in our boundaries.

We have glimpses into the mystery of who we are. And deeper we go; more insightful and valuable our experience is.

Then three things happen:

  1. We get to know ourselves better,
  2. Our self-acceptance, self-love and self-esteem grows
  3. The people around us start valuing us more.

For me, this is a true adventure, a journey full of meaning and I choose it over just sliding on the surface of my life and of who I am. I don’t need a rollercoaster. My inner world is a theme park. 😂

You want to work on your self-love?

I have a beautiful and a very powerful product Unlock the secrets of your feminine bliss that contains visualizations, e-books and PDF guides.

If you want to go deeper into yourself, to grow your understanding about who you are, to break your limiting beliefs and to boost your self-love, check it out!

I am ready to level up!

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