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How to stay relevant as a woman in the next 30 years?

18 May 20228 mins to read

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Hello. Today we are going to talk about how to stay relevant in the next 30 years. One of the things most of us, both men and women are afraid of is time. The fact that we will not have enough time to finish everything we need to do. This can be on a daily basis, when it comes to our To-Do list, or in general in our life, the mission we are here to accomplish, or the gifts we want to share with the world, we might not have enough time for all the ideas we want to make happen. So time is scary for many, many people, both men and women. But for women, often it is even scarier because of a fertility window, because of the idealization of the youth which we can observe in our Western society. Basically, if you are a young and dynamic, this is a good thing. And if you start aging, you need to cover this up and you need to hide it.

And everybody's trying to stay young for as much as possible. And this, like the aging process, is something many women fear. And me approaching 40 I have quite some thoughts about it. And I've been speaking about it to different women. And I’ve heard quite some opinions about aging and how are we dealing with it. So, what can we do right now, no matter what our age is to prepare for the coming period?

Because with time, we will not get younger, smoother faced, more energetic, what can we do to stay relevant, to feel beautiful, to feel sexy, to feel attractive, to feel feminine?

  1. The first one is health. And when I talk about health, I mean two things Think about what you put in your body and how you are using your body. So, think about are you smoking or are you drinking what type of food your you are eating and how are you using your body? Are you moving enough? Are you exercising? Are you lying on the couch all day long or sitting in front of a laptop for eight plus hours every day? So how are you using your body and what are you putting in your body when it comes to health? Oh, and think about sleep as well. Sleep is key when it comes to the whole body and the endocrine system and hormones. How much we sleep and the quality of our sleep really defines how we feel, as I guess everyone has already noticed. So, the first thing is our health.

  2. The second thing is our intellect. How are we keeping our mind sharp? Are we learning new things? How are we growing? How are we expanding our perspective, our vision? How are we growing? Understanding all this is really important because what many people tend to do, is we surround ourselves with people who think alike. And this narrows our perspective. And suddenly we are already too distant from everything else, from everybody who has a different opinion. We often don't hear his or her arguments. And this is limiting our vision. A good way to maintain our intellect is to stay connected or in touch with people who see things differently. Different social groups, a different way of thinking, different backgrounds, different cultures. More we are in touch with diversity, with diverse people, richer we are. If we have the wisdom to stay open to the different, different view, different way, different thinking. So this is a beautiful way to keep our mind ready and to stay relevant. Basically, hearing difference. Also, different way of keeping our intellect is reading. I am reading different books and I love fiction, but also books which help us. They sharp and shape our way of thinking and are giving these new tools and new ways to further develop ourselves. So, this is when it comes to the intellect, the number two from my list.

  3. The third thing is our femininity. Our feeling of I am beautiful, I am feminine, I am sexy, I am attractive, and this feeling has nothing to do with our age. Not at all. You can feel this way in your 18,28, 38. I'm 38 now and this is for as far as I can talk about, from personal experience. But I'm sure that this is how you can feel when you are 48, 58, 68, 78 and 88. Why? Because being feminine and being attractive has nothing to do with the wrinkles on your face or with how your body looks. It has to do with how you feel, what you are radiating. Investing in feminine practices, investing in finding your balance and bringing some feminine energy, some softness, some realization in your daily busy life will pay off in the years to come. Feminine practices can help us explore our multilevel femininity. And we would gain this feeling of being feminine and beautiful and attractive and we will move away from this shallow and surface view on beautiful, as appearance and will go deeper into what really makes us beautiful. And this is what the work on yourself and the work on your femininity can bring.

So if you are looking for ways to work with your femininity, you can take my “Femininity hacks”. I will put a link to this PDF under the video, or you can see “My femininity routine” which offers you a nice way to spend a little bit of time on effective good feminine practices to balance out the masculine energy and masculine qualities we are using throughout the day.

So this is the third important point: Work with our femininity and explore what it means to be a woman.

  1. The fourth thing to help us stay relevant for the years to come is challenge ourselves. Challenge ourselves and getting out of our comfort zone is making sure that we are growing and we are contributing in different ways. Don't stay still. Don't let the comfort of what you have achieved get you lazy. The world is moving, and everything is constantly changing. Keep on challenging yourself and learn new things like to train your intellect, but also work on your heart, on your emotion, on your spiritual life. On your femininity. It applies to all the points I’ve already mentioned. Keep on finding new ways to challenge yourself. Always! Don't give yourself too long rest periods. It's good once you achieve a certain goal to celebrate it and have a little rest. But don't get too comfortable. Keep on moving. Keep on growing. Keep on expanding your way of being and in terms of intellect, but also in terms of who you are as a person, what qualities you want to build, how you want to relate to others, how you want to feel as a woman, how you want to feel when it comes to your flexibility or resilience or fitness.

  2. The fifth one is work on your confidence and there are two types of confidence. The first one is more external. It has to do with confidence coming from the way you look, from your appearance, from the achievements you have, from the people you are in contact with, from the positions you have, from the means you have… and this is more the external side. The second type of confidence is more inner confidence. It's a self-esteem and inner strength, and it doesn't have to do with what you have achieved or how you look. It has to do with your trust in yourself and your trust in the Universe. And you can test which confidence you are more having of, by imagining that something happens, like out of the blue, you end up in a Chinese village and you don't have anything with you but your clothes and your shoes. That's all you have. You don't have your ID, you don't have your phone, you don't have your wallet. And you end up in this village. And how are you going to feel? Of course, you're lost. You're confused. You are shocked. All these emotions are normal and expected, and we would all feel this way. Probably you will also feel fear. But think about, do you have confidence that in this situation you will survive, that you will manage? This is the confidence we better invest in because how we look, we will change and what we have achieved can be gone in a second. But the trust in our own capabilities, the belief that we are good people, that we are making the right choices and knowing who we are. This is something nobody can take away from you. So building our confidence will help us throughout the years (when our appearances are changing and when our possessions are maybe removed from us for whatever reasons) to stay relevant, to feel beautiful, to know that we are still worthy, that we still have what to say, that we know who we are, that we are attractive, that we are blessed to be here, that we are blessed with amazing gifts to share. So, work on your confidence so that when your appearance is changing you still feel tall in your shoes, you still have your chin up and you still walk the the path with grace and with confidence. This will be noticed.

You know, you have those women like Jennifer Lopez or Barbara Corcoran I don't know Barbara Corcoran is maybe 70 or something like that. I don't know. Jennifer Lopez is in her fifties, I think, or maybe sixties, I don't know. But all those women, they are beautiful. They are strong. They're confident or at least this is what it looks like. But yeah, working on the confidence is key to stay relevant. If you need help with confidence, I have a powerful video called “Boost Your Confidence” which I'm going to share a link to below the video so you can also watch it and get some inspiration and ideas on how to work with your confidence and also why confidence is so important.

  1. The last but not least is build meaningful for relationships. And by meaningful relationships I mean surround yourself with people who love you, who support you, who see the best in you, and who bring the best out of you (and of course, you're doing it for them as well. You know, it's never a one-way street), people who you feel joyful with, who you can be yourself with, who you're laughing with, who you feel confident and comfortable just hugging and stay in silence with…This is so important to feel that you are understood and that you can be yourself and somebody really, really loves you for who you are. When all the masks fall, the people who are close to you, they know you best. So choose your partner, choose your friends, choose your social environment wisely and ideally go for positive people who have hope, trust and enthusiasm for life. Because we all have our moment when we feel down or, you know, life brings us challenges and it's more difficult. And when next to you, there is somebody who can hold your hand and show you the light or just stays next to you and cries with you, this this is just so important to nourish our hearts. Because we are meant to live together. We are not at all separate beings, we are social beings. And the closest circle of people around us, really defines our feeling of belonging to the world. So, choose people who celebrate you, celebrate your presence. And this is a very good investment. Don’t wait for somebody to call you. You can also just make the first step or more often make the step to call a friend or text or check up on somebody. Don't let your social circle get smaller and smaller just because you're busy. This is sad. You know, at some point you're done with the work or you realize that the work never ends, but who are you celebrating your successes with?

I believe that we should all work on these six items so that we are ready for tomorrow. And the benefits of this work we will feel right away. Each of these six will affect positively all areas of our life, like being healthy or having good friends, or feeling confident or feeling beautiful or keep on growing and challenge ourselves or staying open minded and expand our vision.

These six things will serve us every day. But if we keep on doing them, they will serve us for decades to come. I hope this helps and that this is inspiring for you to take action today on at least one thing.

Thank you for watching!

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