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The fastest way to get out of your head

20 March 20224 mins to read

If you prefer to read, here is the transcription of the video:

In out modern society, we as women, are super heroes! Many of us work, like have their normal job. Many of us also have their side work like business or company they've started. Many of us are taking care of family are taking care of our homes. Sometimes we are taking care of our parents. We are trying to have social life. We are trying to take care of our body and go to the gym. We are trying are to take care of our looks and put time aside to do our makeup or nails. There are so many things we are trying to juggle with. And this makes us superheroes, that we can actually do all this. And we can do it for so long, sometimes months, even years, we are stretching ourselves to maximum to really try to do all these things at the same time.

This is super exhausting. We often don't have time for ourselves. We don't recharge. Even when we are among people we love, we don't even connect fully because in our mind we are busy with the next thing we need to take care of. This stress which keeps on accumulating, it is not really healthy for us. NOT AT ALL!

We have feminine and masculine in us and we are switching between the feminine and masculine throughout the day. So many modern women stay very long time connected to the masculine and not connecting to the feminine. One of the masculine qualities is focus and the ability to stay still. This is what happens at work. We can spend hours sitting at a desk with a laptop and not moving, just staring at a screen. Our body gets rectangular, it doesn't have its round shapes anymore. It turns into a robotic body. Sitting so long in one position without moving, on physical level doesn't feel well. The feminine in us is movement, it wants to move, it wants to flow. We want to move with the music, with the wind...Sitting and staring at a screen for so long is really not healthy for us.

But, unfortunately it is not always easy to craft 30 minutes a day to recharge and connect to our feminine side. If we could have done it, would have been great. But many of us, don't have this option. Too many responsibilities, too many tasks. We cannot put aside 30 minutes and take care of what we really need and slow down.

So, I want to share with you a technique which you can use and in a second to really reconnect to yourself, recharge yourself again and connect to the feminine in you. This works really well in all areas of your life, but especially when you are busy with your work or with some home chores. The technique strongly connects us to our feminine, to what is alive in us. It really takes just a moment and it brings great benefits, because it reminds us that we are alive and it reconnects us to the life in us.

So when we are busy, when we are stressed, we are very much in our head. When we are in our head, we stop feeling our body, we stop connecting with the world around us. What we want to do, is be able to easily switch between our mind and our body.

I am inviting you to do a practice, I am going to guide you through. Please, close your eyes and put your hand in the air. Not too high, just in a comfortable position, but in a way that it doesn't touch anything. My question for you is: "If you don't see your hand and if it doesn't touch anything, how do you know that it is there?" So, what is the feeling you are having in your hand right now? Do you feel any movement, some tingling or some pulsation? How do you know that your hand is there? And connect to this feeling. This is your inner body. Your inner body is this energy field which is all over your body. This is the life in us.

If you have managed to feel any movement, pulsation, vibration, tingling sensation in your hand, try to feel that same sensation over your arms, your shoulders, your legs, your feet, your torso, your face...your whole body. Normally we start with the hands, because they are more sensitive, but if you focus on this sensation, you will notice that you are having it all over your body. Sometimes you need to practice a little bit, but connecting to this sensation is getting you out of your head and bringing you back to your body.

The practice I would like to share with you, is: Once you've connected to this energy field of your inner body, throughout your day, whatever you are doing, try to reconnect to this feeling. More you are practicing, more acquainted you will get wit your inner body. You will not need to close your eyes to feel this energy field.

When you connect to your body, you are connecting to a place of peace, of joy, of gratitude and of aliveness. In this state, you are more creative and more ideas come to you. Even when you are very busy, try every now and then to drop to your body. This is like an immediate switch to your feminine. You would feel more peaceful and more in love, in love with Life.

The next level of this practice is while you are feeling your inner body, to try to feel your heart. If you move your attention towards the center of your chest, can you feel your heartbeat? Then next level is to feel your womb. Can you feel it?

This is a practice that is simple, but very profound and a beautiful way to help us move away from our head and reconnect to our body. Then we can continue with our work and ToDo list, but also being aware of where we physically are and how we physically feel.

I promise you that whatever you are doing in this state will be lighter, more joyful and you will be more successful and happy doing it.

Enjoy your practice and connect more often to your feminine side!

Thank you!

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