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The 3 things that dim your feminine light

6 August 20225 mins to read

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If you prefer to read, here is the transcription of the video

Today we're going to talk about the three things, that dim the light of the woman. You know how in our daily life we are in a hurry. We are busy. We have so many things to take care of. And actually, the majority of our days, we are not really focused on how we feel and what we do.

And somehow we forget to laugh. And every now and then, we have those days when we feel really alive when we feel super happy, super joyful. Maybe it was during a weekend with girlfriends, or maybe it was having a romantic date out and we felt really seen and really beautiful. But the truth is that most of us, we don't feel joyful.

We don't feel alive and vibrant in the majority of our days. Actually, we are more often feeling like work horses than like the wild mustangs we are born to be. And why is that? Imagine yourself in the high school, full of dreams, full with ambitions or with ideas about how your life will go, where are you now?

Busy, tired, stressed, often worn out more than you were supposed to be. So, what are the three things that dim your light?

The first thing is you stop giving priority to your desires and to your needs. And this happens the moment you start working and you’ve committed to your work, or the moment you build meaningful relationship with your life partner, or the moment you have a child. Somehow the needs, the expectations of others start getting more important than your own needs. So, you need to work in the evening or you need to work in the weekend. There is an important project with the short deadline, and you will do more than what you have paid for or what you really feel like.

And often you actually feel like you want to do it because it's important, because it matters to you, because your colleagues or the people you're working with are expecting it and you are expecting it from yourself. But is this what you really need, spending the evenings working or spending your weekends working? Yeah, if it's if it's once in a while, sure, it's possible. But if this happens more often, this is actually putting your own needs behind. You need to recharge, you need to rest, to spend time with the people you love or on your hobby. I think those needs get less and less priority. You can observe something similar when it comes to your relationships or to you being a parent.

Often your personal needs get less priority. And this has to do mainly with your own expectations about who you need to be and the fact that you need to be perfect and you need to fit in this ideal image of the woman who can do it all. But you're just the woman and giving it all is extremely exhausting.

And we come to the point where you're trying to pour out from an empty cup. So the first thing which dims our life is that we don't respect, and we don't give enough priority to our desires and to our needs, to the things and time for ourselves, the things which recharge us.

The second thing that dims our light is when we disconnect from our body and from our heart. And how this is happening, is the moment we are so busy and we have so many responsibilities, the only way to fulfill all the things which are waiting on us and that are heavy on our shoulders, is if we're in this masculine state and we are determined, we are focused, we are in a hurry, and ultimately we are in our mind.

We stop noticing what is happening around us. We stop feeling, we don't feel the clothes touching our skin. We don't feel our body. We don't feel the ground under our feet. We don't feel our thighs touching when we walk because we are too much in our heads.

We disconnect from our heart and from our intuition. And we are in this survival mode where we only do, do do one thing after another one, and then we reach a point where we don't have any more fulfillment and we don't have any more joy. And the moment we actually get out of our head and connect again to our body, we feel immediately life running through our veins. We feel immediately alive and rejuvenated.

And the third thing which dims our light is the fact that with so much responsibilities and we are so busy lives, we are trying to be perfect.

We're striving for an ideal which does not exist. And we loose our spontaneity. We are into our heads doing what we are supposed to do and going after all the to do items on our To-Do list rather than doing what we feel like. We don't have time for it. And even if somebody just passes by our home or office, “I'm here, shall we have a coffee” we tend to say “No, I'm busy now. Let's plan something for in two weeks.” Well, if you go with being spontaneous and say “Oh yeah, the weather is really nice, let's go and have some chat” or your man surprises you and proposes to take you out for dinner instead of you staying and working at home as you have planned.

All those little examples are to illustrate that a little bit of spontaneity can bring fresh air, a breath of fresh air into our lungs, into our life. It is helpful for our time management and our productivity to be well structured, to have planned things, to have routine. But if we also want to feel fulfilled and feel alive, we will feel this fulfillment not just by having things done but also by grasping, by grabbing the moment which life sends us as gifts, lessons, insights and by enjoying them.

And success is great to celebrate, but often we don't even give ourselves the chance to celebrate because the next important thing is already coming and we need to prepare for it and work for it. And this is really exhausting. So, to avoid this to happen, we really need to leave a little bit of space for spontaneity and accept that, no, we will not be those perfect employees or career women or business women. We will not be those perfect moms or those perfect women, girlfriends, sisters, daughters, all the roles we have. If we put all this aside and we just enjoy what we are gifted with, the people we have in our lives and, and just we find a little moment every day to feel grateful, to follow our heart, to do something which we just feel like it, even though it was not planned, it will bring so much more joy and so much more aliveness into our day.

And then the radiance, which we all carry, which we all have, because we are light, will shine out. Balance your life and with less effort, you can achieve more. With more ease, you can, go for a marathon rather than run sprints. We live like we are on a race, but for how long can you do that?

And overdoing it and overstretching ourselves is what wears us out. If we recharge a little bit every week, then we'll feel happier and rejuvenated. But there will be balance. I have a PDF with ideas on different femininity practices and feminine activities, things which you can do to recharge your feminine side, because after being so busy and after using so much of your masculine qualities: focus determination, pursuing goals, analysis, holding all the responsibilities we need to recharge our feminine side. So I will put the link to those femininity hacks under the video. If you feel that you want a little inspiration on what you can do in your daily life which is short and effective, you can go and check it out. There is something for everybody.

I hope some of this helps to remind you how precious your energy and your life is and how important it is to shine it out and to live your life following your heart and feeling fulfilled. The success is coming along.

Thank you for watching.

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