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How to boost your femininity before a date?

30 September 20224 mins to read

Are you attracting men who are emotionally unavailable or who are unreliable, who are earning less then you, who haven't figure out their life completely, who don't have a purpose, who you cannot trust, whom you need to take care of...?

If this is you, there is a high chance that you are living your life predominantly from your masculine energy and you are not connecting enough to your feminine. As a result of that, you are attracting more feminine and less masculine men.

To change this dynamic, you need to focus on yourself and to pay attention on connecting stronger with your feminine energy.

If late this week you have a date and you are wondering how to boost your femininity just in few days, read below, I have a TESTED action plan for you! Enjoy the process!

Action plan:

The most important thing is that you spend as much time possible away from your head and closer to your heart and to your body. There are many, many ways to do that. Maybe you have your own.

The list below is just a suggestion. Check it out. Try these steps and stay with the ones that resonate most with you.

In the days before your date:

  1. Clear your agenda from everything you don’t really need to do that week. Create time for yourself to slow down and to rest more fully. You want to be relaxed. Take it easy and slow. Avoid stress. Avoid being in a hurry.
  2. Use the time you’ve freed up only for the things you love doing, your hobbies, the people who nourish you.
  3. Be kind and attentive to the people around you. Stay open and curious for the world.
  4. Think of someone you are really grateful for and send him/her a voice message generously expressing your love and gratitude for being in your life or for something concrete they’ve done for you.
  5. If you have a yoni egg, till the day of your date, do your practice daily. At the bottom, I will post a link to my crash course on yoni eggs with all you need to know about yoni eggs, how to choose your egg, how to clean it, how to practice etc...
  6. Play music and follow the movements of your body. Don’t do your regular dance moves, just allow your body to express and move as it likes. Try slower rhythms.
  7. Do dry body brushing before your shower
  8. At the bottom I will share a link to my “Boost your confidence” video. Do the exercises from it.
  9. Sleep naked (no underwear)
  10. Spend few minutes connecting to your heart. Smile at it. Ask it what it feels, what it wants and just listen.
  11. Spend time in nature, listening to the sounds, absorbing the smells, admiring the sights.

On the day of your date:

  1. Do as much as you can and as you like from the list above. More acquainted and comfortable you are with your femininity practice; easier and more natural it will be for you to reside in your feminine. And this will shine out.
  2. At the bottom I will add a link to my visualization “Feel free again”. Play it before you go out.
  3. Take enough time to prepare yourself for the date and make yourself feel beautiful.
  4. Spend time with your body. Stroke, touch and caress it the way you like it. Send it love. Feel how each part of your body responds and then move to the next one.
  5. If this feels right to you, give yourself a good juicy orgasm. BUT if you are doing this, don’t go in your head: don’t fantasize, don’t watch anything. Stay in your body and just follow its rhythm. Taste the pleasure slowly, without rushing to reach the end. Stay with your sensations AND with your breath. Allow sound if it comes. Self-pleasuring this way will open your body and your heart more fully.
  6. Then go on your date and have fun. Listen to your intuition. Keep your standards high and remember that YOU TOO have to choose.

Staying connected to your femininity during your date

When you are with a guy you like, you want to stay grounded to your femininity and not go to your head, where there are all kind of confusing thoughts, self-doubt, scenarios etc. You want to stay in the present and you want to set a good base for your follow up dates with this man. Here is how you can do this.

  1. Bring your yoni egg on the date. Every time when you feel nervous or when you notice that you are back to your head, gently squeeze your pelvic floor muscles and feel the egg inside of you. This will bring you in your body and will connect you to the sensual flow within you.
  2. Imagine that your head is chopped off and you don't have ears (Yes, I know it sounds weird, but trust me, keep on reading). You hear the words of the guy in front of you through your heart. Just feel your heartbeat and use your heart to listen with. The words will go deeper, you will sense more of the feelings in between the words, you can trust better the reaction of your heart on what you hear...so no way you miss a red flag etc
  3. Few times during your date you can bring your attention to your body, using your touch. This way you are staying connecting to the feeling/sensations, hence - to your feminine. Choose a neutral (not too sexual) part of your body, for example your forearm and gently stroke it or gently massage your earlobe, or rub your legs against each other.
  4. Use your senses to bring you to the present - pay attention to the taste of the food, smell the flowers, hear the music
  5. Come back to your breath and feel how it moves through you. Feel how it awakens the aliveness and the sensuality of your body.

Enjoy your femininity practice and your dates!

Here are few freebies to support your femininity:

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