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Free video

Watch my beautiful and empowering Feel Free Again visualization!

Are you struggling with dividing your attention among everything you are having on your plate? Do you feel the nagging pressure of your responsibilities and To Do lists? How are you handling the load of your own expectations about who you need to be and what you need to do?

If you feel squeezed and diminished, like following someone else's scenario for your life, maybe it is time to hit the "pause" button. Take a moment to get back to yourself, to review what is really important for you, to filter out everything you are busy with and you haven't opted in for.

The Feel Free Again is a beautiful and empowering visualization, to help you feel light, joyful and alive again. This is a breath of fresh air, an opportunity to drop obligations you've assumed, but you haven't chosen for. It will remind you of the strength, freedom and creativity you are blessed with, because you are the designer of your life!