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Most people underestimate the power of confidence. Often it is seen as the negative opposite of humbleness, as arrogance or looking down to others.

How it actually is :

  • Confidence, is self-esteem and self-respect. It is the trust that one will be well, that one can find a solution, that one is worthy of love, that one deserves good fortune.
  • Confidence together with gratitude are the two main ingredients of fulfillment.
  • There is also a magical circle between confidence and competence. More confident we are, more perseverance we show to contribute and to learn. With our competence, grows our confidence.
  • Confidence is a highly attractive and one of the first factors for trust building.
  • Confidence is related to the creativity and to one's ability to see opportunities and to find solutions.

These are only few of the reasons why confidence is so crucial for our well-being and healthy state of mind. In my Boost Your Confidence video I am sharing more about what confidence is and how to maintain high levels of it.