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For the fulfillment seekers

Savoring life's joys

7 July 20223 mins to read

If you prefer to read, here is the transcription of the video

Hello. In this video, I want to share with you one of my favourite fulfillment strategies. And this is savoring lives, joys. What does it mean? This means enjoying what life has to offer us in this present moment. And the key here is present moment. Eckhart Tolle says that there are two types of people who suffer. The first type are looking backwards, people who are living in the past. They suffer because they feel guilt. They feel sadness. They feel nostalgia. They feel regrets. And the other type of people who suffer are the ones who live in the future. And those are people who experience stress, self-doubt, jealousy. To avoid suffering, the solution is to stay in the present, and the present is where the gifts of life are.

This is actually, the strategy all about: tasting the food, smelling the flowers, feeling your body alive and healthy and energetic and sometimes even achy here and there. But even this, you know, makes you feel alive, makes you appreciate what you have, that you are right here, right now. This is the first way to practice Savoring life’s joys - being in the present and using our senses. All of our senses. Think of going in the shower and how pleasant it is at the very beginning when you feel water flowing over your body. But soon your mind takes over. You start thinking about stuff and then you don't feel the water anymore. But the water is still there and it's still as pleasant and relaxing as it was in the first moment.

So if we stay present a little bit longer, we will have a much more fulfilling experience from our shower. So this is a first way to practice it, just being very present and use as much as possible our senses.

The second way to practice, is to seek bitter-sweet experiences, and they usually involve mixed emotions, joy, happiness and sadness. They are connected to the fleeting nature of everything around us. Stay aware that everything is constantly changing and the impermanence of everything around us. This for example, are things which, will be ending soon, like your vacation or a phase of life. When I was pregnant for example, I was so appreciative of the fact that my body is experiencing pregnancy.

And I'm very aware that this can not last. And this made me appreciate it much stronger and made me feel much happier from even the discomfortable parts. I was realizing that this is a moment which will pass very soon. But if we think about it, every moment and every experience is about to pass sooner or later.

So if we focus on this fleeting nature of things, it makes us appreciate stronger what we have right now in the moment while we still have it. This can be friendship. This can even be our health. The fact that, we are capable of doing things right now and at some point of our life, this will change.

This is one of us strong spiritual ideas of the East, the impermanence of things, everything is changing. And if we let go of the idea to hold on to things and we just live in the present moment and enjoy what we have, there is fulfillment. There is bliss in this moment.

And the third way to practice savoring life’s joys is to do things which we feel like doing, things which make us feel comfortable, which we enjoy, spend time on our hobbies, spend time with the people we love and just appreciate this present moment.

So this is a very powerful strategy to increase our fulfillment. And the three ways to practice it are:

  1. Stay in the present and use our senses.
  2. Go for bittersweet experiences and appreciate what you have while it lasts.
  3. Make time and a room in your life for things which make you happy, for things which you appreciate, for things which make you feel alive.

Thank you for your time. Thank you for watching. I hope this was useful to you!

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