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Attracting a man at your workplace

25 September 20226 mins to read

Here is the link to the video about the different feminine energies and their role when attracting a man and building a relationship

If you prefer to read, here is the transcription of the video:

Hello. Today I want to talk to you about attracting a man at your workplace and working with your partner. In one of my previous videos I'm talking about the different feminine energies and what role they play when it comes to attracting a man. I will put the link below this video so that if you have missed it, you can go back and watch it. Today I am going to focus on the energy of the Queen. The Queen knows who she is, what she wants, what her standard is. She does not compromise with what is important for her and she is able to say no. This is an important energy because the man respects this woman. She has respect for herself, so everyone else respects her as well.

And when it comes to our workplace, often we manifest there masculine energy. And the queen is a woman who has mastered her masculine skills. This helps a lot when it comes to attracting a man. What I mean by this is if we just meet somebody in the bar and we start flirting with him, yes, there is sexual energy, there is attraction. But at some point, if the woman wants this relationship or dating or game to move beyond this first stage of flirting, if she wants this to further develop, she needs to gain the respect of the man. And this is done by the Queen. So in a bar setting, it's a little bit more difficult to gain his respect.

You need to have multiple or few order dates for you to reach that point. And of course, by default, you respect other people. But it is a more difficult setting in the bar than if you are in the office. So that's why this video is about attracting a man at your workplace. If you are already into a colleague of yours, if you like a colleague, or if a colleague likes you, you've already seen each other at your workspace you use masculine skills, like being focused, having goals, analyzing, having a clear direction and so on, like putting our feelings aside, stay professional, look professional. These are all things which are related more to the masculine energy. And the Queen has mastered those masculine qualities.

So if we are already working together the man has seen us at our workplace. Most probably we are already successful. We are already respected. People know who we are, what we do, what our position is. We have already built a certain image. We are responsible, we have work ethics, we are professional...So by default, most of us have already shown ourselves as the queens at work. So this makes it easier when we like somebody from work to move our relationship from flirting and dating to a relationship. Also, from a professional to a more intimate relationship.

First of all, we are spending a lot of time together at work. But second of all, one of the feminine energies has already played a role. He already respects us. And then when it comes to the other energy, if we already like each other, there is polarity, there is sexual attraction the only thing which is left most probably is showing the Girl, the emotional, passionate, part of you.

At work we tend to stay more contained and most of us don't really talk freely about everything else which is happening in our life. Yes, they are topics which are socially acceptable, like traffic, kids, vacations and stuff like that. But we rarely talk about what we are really passionate about.

So showing him your innocence, showing him your joyfulness, showing him your emotionality, is the missing part to make him, extra attracted to you. Next to your sexuality (there is an attraction between you two, right?) and next to the queen (because he has seen you in your work environment), you can only need to show him what your heart truly desires and who you really are: being open, trusting and seeing him as wonderful as he is, you know, like the girls see the world full with wonders.

So attracting a man at the workplace usually is easier than somewhere else. Also, because we spend a lot of time at work and we have often contacts with each other. This is on one hand.

On the other hand, though, when such contact further develops into a relationship, there is a big pitfall. And this is the fact that when we work, we tend to move into our masculine qualities. This means that polarity and sexual attraction diminishes. It's gone fast. In order to be attracted to each other, there needs to be polarity. And this means one of us to be in the feminine energy, the other - in the masculine. And it's perfectly fine if the woman is in masculine and the man - in the feminine. But one of us needs to be in the one spectrum of the energy and the other one in the other.

When we work together and when we are both in our masculine energy, we can achieve a lot. We have focus. We show results we are. We reach our goals. We analyze the data or we make plans and all those things which utilize masculine energy. But there is no polarity. So it's important to be aware that this is happening. And if your colleagues are working next to each other on a big project, if you're stressed, if you have too tight deadlines, or if you're just both too focused on what you're doing, remind yourself of how important it is to bring softness, to come back to your body, to get out of your head, just for a moment so that you again connect as lovers because there are all kinds of relationships. And there are many people who can be your colleagues, who can be your work partners, flat mates, friends, but normally what makes your romantic relationship special, is the sexual attraction between you two. The intimacy between you. And if there is no polarity, especially for long periods of time, basically your partner becomes your flat mate or you work partner or your friend. And this is dangerous because we are sexual beings and if we are not attracted to our partners, it's just a matter of time that we are attracted to somebody else or he or she is attracted to somebody else. So if we want our relationships to flourish, there are many things we need to do, its work right. It's hard work. It's paying attention to each other. But intimacy and maintaining polarity is important.

So if you're working together, make sure that every now and then one of you is connecting to the feminine and after that, you can still work very nicely together. Break the ice. Break the work mood and remind yourself why are you together, and how beautiful it is to be together this way.

And this is also the example from my life. With Rogier we met at work and for years we were working in the same team on the same projects. We had different roles, both leading roles. But we were 24/7 together. And a big part of it was working and still is working. Like those videos. He's helping me set up the lights and the camera and he's editing them.

And then we sit next to each other and we work on the website. And this video is also a reminder for myself, you know, as good team as we are as a work team, we are before everything else, a love couple, intimate partners. And this is the base of our life.

We are also parents and yeah, it's just so very important to stay connected to the polarity in our relationship.

So to summarize, finding a partner at work, it's usually easier than meeting somebody outside. Also next to the fact that he sees you already is the queen, he already respects you and you respect him which is also important. You know him a little bit. You may even know more about his personal life. So this already helps with trusting, with opening up.

And the attention points there is: be aware of the polarity in your relationship. And an important remark here is that you don't need to just share one office or the same job with your partner to pay attention to the polarity. Imagine that you just bought a house and you are doing a renovation. This is a project. This is working together.

Also parents, they are working together. And you are a great work team and you choose the colors of your walls and couch and stuff like that. But don't forget the polarity.

On the other side of the spectrum, you may also both fall into a feminine energy where you talk a lot, you dream a lot, and you can become very good girlfriends, sharing thoughts, sharing emotions. But one of you need to tune then into the masculine so that this relationship stay strong and you keep on further developing yourself and connect stronger.

Thanks for watching.

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