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The feminine energies and their role in building a relationship

1 August 20229 mins to read

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If you prefer to read, here is the transcription of the video

Hello. Today I want to talk to you about the feminine energy and attracting a man. All of us, we have both feminine and masculine energy. It's a whole spectrum of energy. And on the one hand, there's extreme masculine. On the other hand, is extreme feminine. And when we are looking on the side of the feminine spectrum, they are all kind of in between and variations.

Just to make it more simple, I would say there are four main energies which we are manifesting. These are also stages we are going through during our life as a women. I will not go too much into details about those energies right now. We'll just shortly you mention the highlights of them because the goal of the video is to talk about what and how to use those energies in order to attract a man.

The first energy is the energy of the girl. And this is an energy which is manifested somewhere up to the age of 15 years old. And this is an energy of joy, of innocence, of thrusting the good in people, in believing in magic, having a wonderful world. Just imagine how you were as a kid. Full of hopes and dreams . This is the girl, very free, very innocent, very joyful, very emotional. We move to the next and this is the energy of the lover, normally starts to appear around the age of 15 let's say up to25 has been developed in most of the women. This is the energy which is passion and this is the sexuality starting to manifest in us, the fire in us. We become passionate, we become rebellious. We want to find out who we are as women, as young women. We are breaking the image of the innocence and we are moving towards being bold, daring and exploring our passion.

We move towards the energy of the queen. And the queen is an energy which we develop normally around the age of 25. And this is the woman in us who already knows what she wants, who she is. This is not the innocent girl that trusts the world. This is not the lover who is daring and wants to explore and wants to know. This is the woman who knows that she is strong, that she can be successful, who grows in her career, who is more difficult to approach, somebody who is, having already high standards of what is important for her in her life, but also when it comes to partnership and men. This is the woman who starts making money and this is the queen.

And around the age of 35 we start developing the energy of the housekeeper. This is the woman who is taking care of people, who is caring, who is giving, who is compassionate, who will take care of you. And normally this energy is underestimated because people see it as housewife. No, this is not the housewife. The fact that she develops this energy is actually complimentary to all of the three energy which she already has in her. And she went through those stages in her life. And as a housekeeper, she basically has it all, a very, very strong woman. She has it already all. And she is ready to fight for it. She knows who she is. But this is not the ambitious 25-year-old queen. This is already somewhere in the mid thirties and above, who has been through quite some things and can give a lot and knows exactly what she wants. And now she is a very interesting woman. Combination of all previous energies and archetypes.

So I'm going through this a little bit quickly because the goal of this video is to see how those energy are playing a role in attracting a man because many women who have challenges finding the right partner for them usually miss one or more of these energies.

So if all goes well in our life, we develop those energies naturally but if we had some more challenging childhood, abusive father, for example, it might be difficult for us to develop the girl fully, because the girl is the princess of father. And if our dad did not see us as princesses, we may have hard times developing this joyful and carefree attitude towards life and trusting. Later on, when we are supposed to move towards the lover, if we have been too restricted by our parents and we were not allowed to explore our femininity, which starts flourishing or if every time we were trying the earrings of our mom or putting lipstick, we would have been made fun of, it's possible that we never really developed or explored our sexuality. And for the Queen, if we did not have the ambition as young women to be independent, to do something significant in our life, to have career, to have a job, it's possible that this energy we did not really develop. So we did not learn to say no. We did not learn to stand behind our values.

And now there is a part of us basically missing, like a whole spectrum of our feminine energy not being really tap into. And the housewife like if we have been very crazy, let's say, partying and going out and taking care of our own needs, only if we did not tune really into who we are and what our heart wants, it's possible that we did not feel the need to settle down.

And the housekeeper doesn't mean that she stays at home all day long without having fun. But the housekeeper needs to be in touch with herself. And if we did not slow down, it's possible that we have been in touch with this part of ourselves. So normally we all go through the stages, but based on how our life went certain the energy have been more developed than others.

And naturally we are developing one or two of those energies stronger than others. It is important to know, especially if we have challenges finding the right partner, what the energies are and how those energies are playing a role in attracting a man.

Let's start with the first phase of interacting with the men. This will be you seeing each other and there is a spark. You like each other and the process of flirting starts. And this is a moment of playing and it's playful and it's game and it's daring and it's testing and it's really exploring ourselves, but also the other one. It's teasing. It's, it's a very, very, very interesting part of the relationship. But this relationship which we are forming in this phase, we are using the energy of the lover.

So our sexual energy is what attracts the other person. And if we feel confident, if we are comfortable in our body, our way of being, of walking, of talking will actually show that we are comfortable, we are sexual being. And this would attract somebody who has opposite energy. In this first stage, our sexual energy is key and the energy of the lover in us is key.

If you have troubles dating, starting dating and flirting, your sexual energy, the energy of the lover is what you need to work on. The moment we start flirting. There is a little bit of going forward, going backwards, you know, it's this teasing, it's this playing with the other one. It's like a dance, you know, making a step forward and taking a step backward till we find a good rhythm. And here comes to play the queen. So the queen, somebody who knows who she is, what she wants, who can say no who defines the rules, is the woman who the man starts to respect. So if you are attracting a man, but the relationship or let's say the dating phase doesn't move further away from the sexual attraction or from sex, you are not showing enough from the queen. The queen is the woman who the men respect. She is his muse. Like this is the woman who holds her chin, her nose all up and who really stands heavy in her shoes and tall in her shoes. The woman who he needs to chase. He needs to be on her level. She defies the standard.

She's the one who chooses the man. Are you up to my standard? Do you deserve me? She is testing him. So, if your relationships don't move further than the sexual part, the physical part, you need to work on the energy of the Queen. Learn to say no. Be confident as a woman of “I can take care of myself”, “I am independent”.

So after that, we move to the energy of the girl. The energy of the girl is very attractive. This is the energy of this joyful, carefree, innocent girl. She's emotional she's happy or angry. She just moves throughout the whole spectrum of the emotions and of the energy spectrum.

And this is very attractive. She adores her man. She shows him how important he is for her. And every little gift she receives from him is “Wow, I'm so happy. Thank you!”. She is this emotional being. And if in your relationship, let's say you've moved beyond the sexual part, you are already having a relationship, but you don't feel really seen, really taken care of by your man, you need to work on the energy of the girl. The woman who has mastered this energy is a woman who can receive gifts and the man actually wants to take care of her. He wants to protect her. And in in return, she gives him her energy and she's nourishing him with her love, with her, with her admiration and respect for him. He feels important. And this is something like an important thing to mention that I'm explaining how our relationship is developing. But I think for most of us, this is happening naturally. You don't really think about, oh, I'm currently in this energy or in the girl or in the lover. But if you really is zooming with a magnifying glass, this is how the dynamics are and how the relationship evolves.

And then we move towards the housekeeper. And the housekeeper is the energy of the woman who actually gets the ring, who becomes the mom of the children of this man. Let's say that she doesn't want to have kids because this is also a good scenario. This is the woman who is chosen, the woman is chosen and claimed “You are mine.” And it's not just the relationship. This is a committed relationship. This happens when the housekeeper is strong. So the man basically feels at home with this woman and yes, she can cook, but she can also not cook. She can be good with plants or not. She can have a cozy home or not. The important part is that when the man is with her, he feels himself, he feels accepted. He feels that he can relax and it helps if there is a home, her home or his home, which she makes more attractive more cozy. So if you have hard times getting that ring, work on the on the housekeeper. I'm saying the ring just too because this is kind of the symbol of “I'm chosen”, “I'm the one I'm the woman”, “We are spending our life together.” There are many couples who decides that marriage is not something for them. But this is still a committed partnership. This is what I mean. Whether you have kids or not also does not matter. It's more about committed relationship.

And these four energies, we are constantly using them and we are constantly switching from one to the other one. And this is important because this keeps our relationship fresh, because we have moments when we say, no, this is what we are going to do. And I'm deciding and I will be more in the Queen energy. And we have moments when we are just jumping from happiness and this is the girl and the we are seducing our partners and then we are lovers and then we are also just cuddling or we just cook dinner for them or, you know, prepare a nice, nice surprise with the bath or whatever, whatever taken care of for you is. When it comes to your men you can just give him a food massage, for example.

So if you're having a challenges finding the right partner, there is a good chance that one of those energies is not well developed. I hope that this video helps you to pinpoint which of those energies you need to work on. I will have another video where I will be talking more about how to develop each of those energies.

And don't forget to just stay playful and explore the whole spectrum of this feminine energy, because it's so great, it's so mysterious and it's so huge. Just don't be afraid to express what you feel, this makes you very authentic. This makes you very attractive. Yes. Thank you for watching.

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