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For the fulfillment seekers

How to increase your fulfillment?

26 June 20223 mins to read

If you prefer to read, here is the transcription of the video

Today I want to give you a fulfillment tip. This is actually a strategy to help you cope with stress, anxiety, and trauma in a better way, to increase your self-worth, your self-esteem, to help you look on the bright side of any setback and of anything which actually happens in your life. And this strategy, this approach is called practice gratitude. It is simple but truly profound. This practice has many, many benefits, some of which I've already mentioned just a moment ago. Others are that it helps us keep our vibration high, which means that we attract more positive people and more positive events into our life. Another benefit of it is that we stay in this state of appreciation where we don't take things for granted. We don't just get used to the good things in our life and stop noticing, instead we stay sharp for everything life has given to us. And when we are in this state of appreciation, this is really where big part of feeling fulfilled comes. Just see how much we already have.

So how do we practice gratitude? I’ll share with you a few ways.

  1. The first thing is counting our blessing. And it's a very beautiful practice of sitting daily and writing down everything, we are grateful for. And these can be big things, like the people in our lives, the people we love, but can also be small things like “it started raining today and I had an umbrella in my backpack” or “the bus driver stopped and waited for me to get on the bus before he departed.”
  2. If you're not a big fan of journaling or writing down what you're grateful for, you can practice gratitude by sitting and contemplating. Just thinking about everything you're grateful for in your life. You choose a quiet moment for you, and you dedicate it on everything you have in your life. Stop at each of them and spend a little moment to feel grateful for it. Again, the bigger things and the less big things in your life and in your day.
  3. If you're a more creative person, you can practice gratitude by doing art, gratitude art and it can be photography or painting or making a collage or whatever it is. You set your mind and your intention into expressing how grateful you are. And this can be grateful for multiple things or focus on one particular thing, like the partner in your life or the kids or your parents or your siblings. And while you're in this state, allow your creativity to flow and create your gratitude art.
  4. The next way to practice gratitude is to pick up one negative thought and to transform it into a positive one. For example, a negative thought could be “My sister forgot my birthday”, and if I stay with this thought, it will bring me sadness, or I will feel mad and disappointed. But if I'm able to stay conscious and if I'm practicing gratitude, I can take this thought and transform it into something like “My sister forgot my birthday, but it's a very difficult or busy period for her and she has always been there for me. I don't doubt how much she loves me”. Do you see how from this negative thought you made something to feel grateful for? “She has always been there for me and she loves me so much and I've always felt her love for me.”. This is something that already changes completely the way we feel, changes our vibration. And it's so much more beneficial for our health and for our state of mind and state of being if we are in this appreciative and more grateful state.
  5. The last idea I'm going to share with you today on how to practice gratitude is to express it directly to another person. And this basically mean find a way, whether it's a phone call or a text message or face to face, but express how much somebody means to you or how grateful you are for something particular this person has done for you.

And you know these were just few ideas on how to practice gratitude, but you can find your own way. What is important is that gratitude is part of our life and part of our day. And we will see how over time it increases our happiness levels, our fulfillment levels, how we are better humans because we are grateful for what we have.

So, find what works best for you and don't be afraid to change it every now and then.

Thank you for your time.

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