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For the working women

Femininity at work

15 April 20225 mins to read

If you prefer to read, here is the transcription of the video:

Hello. Today I want to talk about femininity at work. And there are two sides of my story. On one hand, I want to pay attention to the fact that at work, most of us, we utilize mainly masculine energy. We use the masculine skills like analysis, determination, of pursuing goals, achieving results, comparing data, putting our feelings aside, all those skills and abilities are related to our masculine energy.

This is one. The second side of my story is about the fact that we as women often work in a mixed environment. This means that our colleagues are from both sexes. So we have male and female colleagues and all this affects us.

Let's look at the first part about the skills and abilities which we are using. If at work we connect to our hearts, our intuition and our bodies, we will be much more successful because next to our masculine skills and the abilities to work in focus, put feelings aside, be determined and go after our goals, we will also be able to connect to people, to truly listen to somebody while talking to them, to use our intuition, like have a feeling about what is the right next step, to be creative, to be present in the environment we are in, to shine joy and an appreciation for life. So if we manage to use a little bit of our feminine skills and feminine energy in combination with our masculine skills, we are much more successful on one hand and on the other hand we are much more joyful and feel more fulfilled and alive when we are at our workplace.

So imagine that you put your body aside, you put your body aside, you put your feelings aside, and you're only connecting to your mind, to your thoughts, to your brain, and you're looking at the the screen staring at the screen, not moving for hours. Your body kind of becomes even rectangular from the same position you are maintaining for long periods of time. You are probably very productive, but after hours or even days and weeks doing the same things, this is exhausting us as women. We are made to move, to flow, to feel, to want to respond to the environment. Everything which is happening to and around us, to feel it and to to be part of it.

Putting all this aside, is actually really cutting a big, big skill, a big gift we have, cutting it off and not using it. It will be very wise of us to connect to our feminine, every now and then when we are working. We can have a reminder or an alarm which beeps and reminds us to stand up and move, to go get a breath of fresh air outside or to talk to somebody or just to shake your our or whatever it is that gets us a little bit out of our head. This way, we get connected to the environment around us, to where things are happening. We are more present. We can be with our colleagues and be with ourselves. then, we will be much more creative, much more productive, and it will feel more fulfilling to do our work and let our body flow a little bit.

To move a little bit, choose a desk which goes up and down so that you can be standing also while you're working, find your own way to stay connected to your feminine while you're also at work. It's just much healthier for us. So this is the one side. So the advice I just gave you is to try to use part of your feminine skills and gifts while you're busy with your work, like in combination with your masculine skills to be more successful or to be more fulfilled also at your workplace. But I need to warn you, and now I'm coming to the second part of my story.

You're also working with men. If you start using too much of your feminine gifts, you will be signing out your femininity, the light and the love of your heart, the joy, the lightness which you are. And this is to attract the So if you want to stay professional and be perceived as professional and not distract the men in the office, you need to somehow find a balance and use only part of your feminine gifts only when you feel safe to use them, too.

If you're too much in your feminine and you are walking like this in your flowing, feminine, joyful state, this will be noticed. So what I just advised you to do is connect you to the feminine. But you need to be cautious. Because the feminine energy, which you will be radiating, this would be very attractive. And while it's nice to feel beautiful and sexy, at your workplace, this will be distracting. But also you probably will turn into the object of the sexual fantasies of your colleagues. And do you really want that? I don't. I want my sexual energy to be focused on my man, on the man who I have chosen to give it to, and to share it with. I don't want to be seen as a sexual object at work. In the office I want to be seen as equal, as intelligent, skillful, professional. But of course, you know, best what environment you are in. And while I understand that we all like to feel seen and we all like to feel beautiful and attractive, for most of us, what our heart really wants is not to be just sexual objects. We want to be really seen for who we are. Yes, we have this sexual energy, but we also have this beautiful mind and skills and professionalism and personally. I don't need my colleagues to see me as the light and love and beauty that I am. Yes, it matters to me how I perceived, how I come across, but my feminine gifts I want to share with this one special man and not to be part of the fantasies of my colleagues.

And then when you finish work, make sure that you connect to your femininity like fully because you are suppressing part of it or big part of it during your work day, when your work day ends, meet up with a girlfriend, have a drink together, chat, talk, express, share everything which is happening with you, recharge your femininity or go home and take a bath or play music and dance freely. Let your body move or go home, take a shower and put on something which you feel beautiful in and you feel would recharge you as a woman. Do that because suppressing your feminine energy for a whole day affects your body, affects your energy. And especially if there is a man waiting for you at home, it is important to create this polarity between the two of you. To maintain this strong, beautiful, intimate connection and sexual attraction, one of you needs to be in the feminine and the other one in the masculine. So just make sure that you shake off the stress, the worries of your day and the masculine energy which you have been using and recharge, your feminine. Then go home and meet your man as a confident, beautiful woman, that you are.

I hope this helps.

I can imagine that some things might be a little bit contradictory and you might have questions. I just feel that each of us needs to find her own balance on how to stay connected to her femininity throughout the day as well, without distracting herself and the others too much!

Thank you for watching.

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