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For the working women

In tough times, bring your motivation back!

4 January 20221 mins to read

This is a short one, just to share my steps to bring back my motivation when I temporarily loose it.

We all go through some more challenging moments and when it comes to building your own business, even though the whole journey is exciting and unpredictable, what is certain is that the beginning requires highest motivation, perseverance, and self-trust. At the beginning you are putting immense effort for months, sometimes for years and you don’t see much result….this is a serious test for every entrepreneur.

In my case, I am learning from the best and I’m follow thoroughly their guidance. However, planning stays a challenge. There are million things to be done and when we are doing everything ourselves, things take long. Next to this, I think that I know what I need to do, but the moment I start, a bunch of other small things pop up. I set realistic and comfortable deadlines which despite my daily efforts, turn into stressful and impossible ones. Every time when I get discouraged because my video recording doesn’t go smoothly, when the effort I’ve put in a post doesn’t result in much engagement or when I am scared just before a massive uncomfortable action I am about to take, I come back to one of these 4:

  • I recall that I’ve started my own business because of the painful urge to share my gifts and because of the deep need to serve and impact the world
  • I connect with a friend who supports and encourages me
  • I go back to the reviews and testimonials I have from some of my clients in order to get back my confidence and summit my courage
  • I look back and I see how much I have already done and how far I’ve come already.

So I guess, while we cannot avoid tough times, we can have our ready tools to go through them easier and for sure, a strong motivation is a powerful ally!

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