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How one book changed my life

20 January 20222 mins to read

I was looking for something to read and I grabbed “Dear lover” by David Deida. It was on my shelf for months, and I was waiting for a good moment to start it. I wanted to have few calm evenings, without social plans and obligations, so that I can immerse myself in it.

The moment I started; I was flabbergasted. Before I’ve reached page 10 tears were rolling down my cheeks. How is it possible that someone who never met me, knew me better than I know myself? How did he feel so deeply my heart and has heard its whispers when I have missed them?

Do you know this feeling when you have just peeled off a new layer of the onion of your personality and you’ve discovered something about yourself, deeper than anything you’ve seen from yourself before?

This is what I have experienced. I felt a great relief.

I felt strong and empowered…

I realized that there is something in me, very precious to protect.

I stopped wondering “Why in every relationship I always wanted more, and I was feeling like something is missing?” I realized that what I have had in my life before was not fully satisfying because my heart didn’t feel truly seen.

I’ve gained clarity on how I want to feel in a relationship, what type of a man I want to have in my life (beyond the “good sense of humor” checklist items.) and how I want to relate with a man. I felt a very strong urge to explore what my heart is able to experience when it comes to depth of connection and that I won’t be truthful to myself if I settle for less than that.

I’ve ended the relationship I was for more than six years. I knew that the man I was with, no matter how good hearted, interesting and sexy he was, will not be able to give me what my heart was secretly longing for.

This book changed my life because it altered the way I was looking at myself as a woman. The clarity and determination I had while reading it, brought me (just few weeks later) the next level relationship I am currently in, the man I have created family with.

I believe that books are magical and these “random” sentences which give us answers are not a coincidence at all.

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