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The Art of Femininity

This transformational workshop gently guides you to explore your complex femininity and what your heart is longing for. It helps you reconnect with the bliss of being a woman.

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What does it mean to be a woman? For sure, it is much more than having a female body.
We are light, we are love, we are energy. We are the wind. Sometimes we are like a summer breeze. Sometimes we are a storm, a hurricane. And we are everything in between. We are sensitive, spontaneous, sensual and carrying. And we are also fierce, merciless, wild, and courageous. We have an immense strength and even greater vulnerability. Our heart is yearning to love and is longing for being seen. Our radiance is the muse of the poets, the inspiration of the leaders and the ignitor of men’s desire. We are all this and soooo much more.

But how do you integrate all this in your daily life? Are you living your truth? Are you using your voice? Do you even recognize the depth and endless mystery you are? Are you embracing all colors and layers of your ever-changing femininity?

If you are “tickled” by these questions, join me for a transformational journey to explore your femininity and reconnect with the bliss of being a woman. Understand your feminine complexity and feel light-hearted, joyful, sexy and alive again!

"One is not born, but rather becomes a woman"
Simone de Beauvoir

Yes, one part of being a woman, we are born with. However, the other part, is only flourishing when we start to recognize and explore our depth and endless mystery; when we remove the masks, the roles and the protective armors; when we see, understand and appreciate our raw, wild and unpredictable nature; when we put aside our perfectionism and when we look at ourselves without shame, guilt and expectations. Then, a transformation begins. We shake out the old pain and we start embracing all the faces of our femininity. In sharing our feminine gifts, we learn to integrate our authenticity and our wisdom. When we get to know ourselves better and we fall in love with our perfect imperfection, aging only makes us more beautiful.

What can you expect?

In a safe and loving environment, we will explore your feminine energy and how it translates into behavioral patterns in your life. This process will help you find understanding and clarity, will present you the opportunity to see yourself in a different light and will give you tools to reclaim your self-trust and increase your self-love. The workshop is interactive and contains theory, exercises, intuitive dancing, active meditation and inquiry work. It is a combination of tools from positive psychology, NLP, breath and body work, energy techniques, qigong and yoga practices.

This process is deep but nourishing and pleasant!

The goal of the workshop is:

  • to get you connected to the feminine in you and to increase your self-love
  • to guide you to explore your mysterious and multi-leveled femininity
  • to remind you how blissful it is to be a woman and to feel lighthearted, joyful, sexy and alive
  • to give you practical and effective techniques to maintain the connection with your femininity even in your busy life
  • to teach you how to combine the gifts of your feminine and masculine energy in order to balance them easier in your daily life

For whom is this workshop?

This workshop is for you, if:

  • You are curious to know more about yourself
  • You are open to see what else “being a woman” could mean for you
  • You want to work on your feminine qualities and learn new ways to share your feminine gifts with the world
  • You are playful and want to find new sources of strength and inspiration from within
  • You feel that you have so much potential, but you struggle with finding the path to explore it
  • You want to be more confident, enchanting, loved and happy
  • You want to attract a trustworthy partner, a man of integrity connected to his masculine

I truly believe that every modern woman, will benefit from tuning into her softness, vulnerability, intuition and inner beauty. The arising understanding, acceptance and love for who you really are, will help you let go of the need to control and will guide you towards trusting and surrendering to Life. This is an very nourishing process. After the workshop you will feel rejuvenated, inspired and equipped with practices to quickly re-center. This, in combination with your ability to connect and use your masculine qualities (which most of us, we are doing anyways all the time), will make you more successful in every area of your life.


The workshop is a self-discovery process which I will be guiding you through. Some of the practices will be adjusted along the way, to better fit the needs of the group. Based on the unique experience of each participant, some parts of the workshop might be changed. Hence, the program below is indicative.

  • 10:00 – 11:15 - What is the feminine, how it manifests and how we are suppressing it
  • 11:15 – 11:30 - Break
  • 11:30 – 12:30 - The femininity stages we are going through as women and how to handle the crises in between them
  • 12:30 – 13:30 - Break
  • 13:30 – 14:45 - Our femininity and the connection with our heart and our body
  • 14:45 – 15:00 - Break
  • 15:00 – 16:30 - Our femininity and the role it plays when it comes to our Trust, Self-love and Confidence
  • 16:30 – 17:00 - Practical ways for every-day work on our femininity and how to be more in our feminine energy


  • The total amount of participants is limited to 12 - 20, depending on the event space. This boutique format allows for a more intimate atmosphere and personal attention.
  • The workshop is for women only
  • The workshop is not suitable for pregnant women, due to the specific energy work in some of the practices
  • The workshop is in English
  • The process you will be going through is insightful, pleasant and nourishing

Price and details

  • The price for the workshop is €96,- p.p,
  • If you bring a girlfriend, you can get two tickets for €160 (€80 p.p)
  • The price includes water, tea and snacks during the breaks. The lunch is not included.