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Feminine and Wild

Get a taste of how it feels when you embrace fully your femininity!
It is time to put your serious face aside, to let the control go, to relax and to boost the way you feel as a woman!

Oh yes! Count me in!

I am inviting you on a workshop to nourish your femininity, to feel light, free, joyful, beautiful and alive!

In just two hours we will:

  • Deepen our understanding of who we are as a woman
  • Enjoy life energy flowing through our body
  • Feel rejuvenated, sexy and empowered
  • Fill in our heart with gratitude, acceptance and love for who we are

The goal of the workshop:

  • To get you out of your head and help you forget your every-day obligations
  • To remind you how amazing you are and how freeing and empowering it is to fully embrace your femininity

What can you expect:

  • Interesting content, so that you get insights into who you are as a woman
  • Music, movement, breathing techniques and visualizations
  • Cozy, intimate atmosphere of women only

This workshop is for you if:

  • You want to put aside your busy life and do something for yourself
  • You are curious and want to discover more about yourself
  • You want to feel more feminine and to find new ways to feel well in your skin
  • You are looking for ways to bring more meaning and more pleasure in your life
  • You want to attract a trustworthy partner, a man of integrity connected to his masculine
  • IMPORTANT: The workshop is NOT for you if you are pregnant, because of the specific energy work in some of the practices

This workshop is a gift for yourself, a way to stop feeling like a work horse and to start unfolding the mystery of your womanhood.