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Free training

Own your femininity and rule your world

We can get completely swamped by our responsibilities, taking care of our kids, homes, and work. Way too often we forget ourselves, our needs and our desires. This warns us out and impedes us to feel free and fulfilled. To keep on giving our love and energy to everything and everyone around us, we really need to slow down and take care of ourselves.

Sounds good, right? But probably you are already thinking "Yes, I know, but I am too busy. I cannot afford to slow down and I cannot make more time for myself!".

I know exactly what you mean. This is why I've created this training focused on women with overloaded schedules, who want to feel feminine, but don't have time for it. I am sharing with you ways to stay on the pilot seat and feel feminine, WITHOUT adding anything new to your agenda. So basically, how to use what is already part of your day to connect to your femininity and enhance it.

In the training I am covering:

  • What you need to know about your feminine?
  • Why are you suppressing your feminine and what the effects of it are?
  • What are the effects of your suppressed feminine to you and to your life?
  • How to reconnect with your feminine quickly, effectively and without adding new activities to your already busy day, so that you use your feminine energy as a source of joy, lightness, playfulness and relaxation?

The training is light, inspiring and very practical!