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I had a very beautiful pregnancy and an amazing birth. I really believe that we can influence how these so special moments in our life unfold for us. If we take good care of ourselves, if we prepare well and if we find the wisdom to trust the intelligence of our body, we will set ourselves for a positive experience. Of course, nothing is guaranteed, and we need to hold lightly to our wishes and expectations, because each of us goes through her own share of challenges, lessons and unexpected turns.

I remember that just a moment after I gave birth, the thought I had in my head was "I want to do this again!". It was wonderful, truly humbling and at the same time incredibly empowering process and I am honestly looking forward to giving birth again! :) I wish more women feel this way, rather than being terrified that they need to give birth. There is way too much horror birth stories out there, but yours doesn't need to be one of them.

When it comes to giving birth, you are not in control. However how much time and attention you've put into preparing your body and your mind for a healthy pregnancy and transformational birth, is 100% up to you.

In this PDF you will find an overview of everything I've done during my pregnancy to prepare for an ecstatic birth. I am sharing with you the books, the online resources, the supplements and the daily routine I had during my pregnancy.

Important note: This is my personal experience. I am not an expert on pregnancy nor on giving birth. I cannot advise you on how you should manage your pregnancy. Please, consult your mid-wife or obstetrician before following any of the steps from this PDF.