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Free training

Heal your wounds and allow your femininity to flourish

Your self-worth is at the core of your very self. Your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are intimately tied into how you view your worthiness and value as a human being.

You can recognize low self-worth by:

  • You want to hide parts of yourself,
  • You are careful how much you are showing of yourself,
  • You feel not good enough or too much,
  • You fear that if someone truly sees you they won’t like you, because you don’t like the whole of yourself,
  • You are not comfortable with feedback,
  • You don't even know how to be authentic,
  • You constantly try to prove yourself and to feel worthy,
  • You look for approval and for appreciation from outside
  • You are not being able to relax, to receive and to fully trust (because you don't trust yourself)

In this 2-hour training you will learn:

  • How your self-worth has been hurt
  • What the effects from it are on your life
  • How to work with your wounds and transform them into a source of power and confidence
  • How to learn to trust, to receive and to surrender, when you were doubting your own self-worth
  • How to start appreciating your imperfect multi-colored and ever-changing nature
  • How to unfold your femininity, to feel juicy and irresistible