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Free download

Get my personal and very practical Femininity routine

Are you wondering how to organize your day, so that you have a moment to reconnect to yourself, to rest, to recharge and to feel feminine again?

As someone with very strong masculine energy, long time ago I've recognized the need to balance myself by bringing softness and relaxation with feminine practices.

In this downloadable PDF, I am sharing my personal femininity routine. You will see what practices I am currently using to balance my feminine and masculine energy. These are practices, so they require certain routine and discipline, but they also bring me joy and lightness. They increases my intuition, remind me of what is truly important to me and maintain my ability to relax and receive.

You can use this PDF to get inspiration and to experiment with activities that connect you to the woman in you. Especially if you are a busy woman whose day is dominated by using masculine qualities, bringing intentionally some feminine elements will be very beneficial for your health, overall happiness and love life.