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Free Femininity Club Training

Awaken your sensual power

Do you feel sexy and attractive? Do men notice you? Do you have the confidence that with your erotic invitation you can get your man off his phone? How comfortable are you in your body?

These questions are more complex than they might seem. The sad truth is that most women don’t connect to their sensuality; don’t explore its depth and its treasures.

And here are some of the reasons for it:

  • Being too busy and not prioritising your well-being and your self-discovery
  • Putting your attention on your external look, instead of connecting to your juiciness
  • Being conditioned to focus on the man and to neglect your own pleasure
  • Not owning your sexuality and not being explicit on what you want/like
  • Not being able to receive
  • No one taught you how to be sexual without being seen as promiscuous
  • Having negative past experience or sexual trauma
  • Religion, men, society have worked hard to suppress and stigmatize the sexual energy of the women. As a result of it, many women see their own sexuality as dirty and shameful

But you are not "most women" and you won't let the amazing gift of your sensuality stay dormant and unused, right?

If you are looking for ways to reconnect with your sensuality and to feel its magic unfolding in your life, I am inviting you to watch one of the Femininity Club trainings and to reignite your sexual power.

Your sensuality is one of the key elements of your femininity and exploring it will boost your confidence and your creativity, will attract abundance in your life and will deepen your intimate relationships!

In the training I am covering:

  • What is the sexual energy and what are the benefits of it
  • How suppressing your sexual energy affects your healthy and your life
  • How to reconnect to reconnect to your sensuality in a effective and SAFE manner
  • Powerful practices that you can do to awaken the sensual energy within you

The training is light, inspiring and very practical!