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How to help your man be more masculine

11 January 20224 mins to read

Let put ourselves in the men’s shoes: Being with a strong woman is not easy. She works, takes care of her family, her home, her finances, sometimes of her parents and who knows what else. In her limited time, she tries to do sport, to eat healthy, to look well, to self-develop, to have social life. She is constantly active, handling with determination everything that comes her way. To be able to do all this, most women use masculine qualities and connect to their masculine energy.

A man next to such a woman has a real challenge: How can he be “the man” in this relationship when she is constantly taking this position? Why is he even there? Is he needed at all?

So ladies, if you want a happy relationship with a high quality man, try more often to step into your softer side and connect to your feminine energy. If you don’t do everything yourself, he will have a chance to step up and be the man he is born to be.

So, how, in practice to help our man step stronger into his masculine:

  1. The most important thing is you to connect to your feminine. And deeper you go, stronger the presence and leadership of your man will be. When I say “deeper”, this is exactly what I mean. A surface level of your femininity will be your appearance, your look. A little bit deeper would be your manners, your language. A little bit deeper will be your breath and your posture. A deeper one will be connecting to the pulse of your body and feeling it in your womb. Softening your body, releasing the contractions, letting go of the need to be in control, allowing your body to experience erotic pleasure, to express authentically all sensations, all feelings…When you connect to your femininity on this deep level, it is reflected in the way you look, in the way you move, in the way you are. You will be radiating the light and love of your heart and the strength and vulnerability of your authenticity. From that place, connect with you man. Invite him into presence. The strong feminine pole you are, will be irresistible for him and he cannot help it, but connect to his deep masculine gifts and see you and claim you from there.
  2. Show him that you trust him. If you are away for a city trip or on vacation, don’t look at the map. Allow him to figure out where you are going. Let him lead you. He doesn’t need your help. He needs your trust.
  3. Let him make decisions and take actions. You are not his mother. You don’t need to guide every step he does. Accept that it won’t all happening with your speed and on your terms, but he will be getting more and more in charge. This will help you relax more around him.
  4. Express how much you love when he is taking care of…(and give something concrete here). Use your words, but also, use your body. Touch him in an authentic, erotic way. Let him feel that you really mean it.
  5. Ask him for help – to open the bottle of wine for you, to carry a heavy bag, to open the door for you (because you’ve just done your nails…) and be the lady he needs to save. Then show him your love and appreciation for it – again, use your words and your body. Let him FEEL (not just hear) it.
  6. The masculine grows through challenge. To build confidence and self-assurance as a man, he needs to challenge himself (or you need to challenge him in a loving way), to find a challenge to daily push himself further physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.
  7. Allow him and invite him to have time by himself, but not on his phone. Really just time in solitude. This could be a long walk, a meditation practice, a retreat. He needs this time to work out complex problems, to find himself emotionally, to connect to God....
  8. Encourage him to spend more time with his men friends. In their company his masculine energy will be magnified, and he will be able to connect easier with it. The men he is spending time with should be good friends who are supporting him and holding him, but also who are challenging him to grow and to be his best version.

And in case he is open to work on his masculinity more actively:

  1. A really good book to boost his masculinity and to give him a deeper perspective on his masculine gifts is The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida
  2. On Instagram there are quite some coaches who can support the masculinity journey of your man. Here are some suggestions. Maybe one of them will resonate with him.

He will be your hero if you treat him like your hero.

Learn to understand him, to see him truly as a whole, in his truth and in his Divine nature, in his sovereign spiritual power! Serve the part of him that is pure consciousness.

He will see the amazing, strong woman you are, but also how with him, you can melt, how you are able to relax, to receive and to truly love. He will recognize your femininity. This will create a strong urge for him to be even more present, trustworthy, and masculine. And this is all we want, right? To share our most precious gifts, to inspire the best and to serve the highest in each other!

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