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A male friend? Think twice!

15 January 20242 mins to read

In my 20's most of my friends were guys. I was not feeling at ease among other girls. Most of the girlfriends relationships I had at that time didn’t feel genuine and honest. There was always some sort of competition and drama. I guess I was not mature enough to appreciate the women in my life or I was not discerning well whom to allow close to me.

At that time, guys were fun and way less complicated to be a friend with (at least till the relationship changed to more than friends which usually complicates things). So, I used to spend more time in the company of guys.

Today, things are very, very different. All my friends are women (there is only one small exception – an old friend I speak to 2-3 times a year). I see amazing women all around me. We are just so beautiful, so inspiring, so nurturing…

Having girls sit down and talk about juicy details is such a low-key blessing.

There is an atmosphere of trust and confidence my girlfriends bring me, especially on days I need advice and opinions.

These sessions over food and drinks are more than just casual conversations; they are moments of genuine connection and understanding. Each story shared; each piece of advice exchanged strengthens the bonds within the group. It's in these gatherings that empathy flourishes, as we all realize that our struggles, while unique, are also relatable.

We laugh, we empathize, and sometimes we cry, but most importantly, we support each other unconditionally.

This environment of trust allows me to be vulnerable, to share my deepest concerns without fear of judgment.


You are wondering why ?

  1. Because, firstly I cherish my beautiful relationship and want to eliminate even the tiniest risk of jeopardizing it. Staying away from temptations and potential complications is a way of safeguarding my relationship.

  2. The second significant reason for choosing to interact less with men pertains to my feminine energy. Between a feminine woman and a masculine man, there's a natural, strong polarity with palpable sexual tension. However, such tension can lead to complications and, in many cases, is not acceptable. For a man and a woman to work closely together or to be friends, this polarity needs to be gone.

How do we do it?

Unconsciously the man suppresses his masculinity and the woman suppresses her femininity. Then, they can meet and interact safely without feeling irresistibly attracted to each other. While suppressing some femininity sporadically is acceptable, when it happens consistently, such as spending hours with male colleagues at work, it imposes a sexless state on the body.

Persistent suppression of feminine energy can lead to:

  • Health issues in your reproductive system
  • Stress, anxiety and overall unfulfilled
  • Losing your feminine confidence, your radiance and your juiciness
  • Reduced intimacy and connection in your relationship

As David Deida says, in the future, there might be buildings where only women work and there will be buildings where only men work, with limited interaction between them. In such a scenario, women could be in their feminine without fear of being seen as objects, without turning into a sexual fantasy and without being distracted. We could confidently share our sexual energy and our deepest feminine gifts with the men we choose as partners.

It sounds like a science fiction story, but who knows…

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